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It's amazing how we take for granted high-end VR consumer version of equipment such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. When we started our company back in 2013-2014, we had very little: the DK1 and DK1, and custom computers that we built by hand. There were no "certified VR computers", and we used the latest graphics cards made for gaming, namely the GeForce GTX 970 and GTX 980. Best practices for development had yet to be invented, and a lot of the tecniques that make VR an truly amazing experience today had yet to be invented. But a large group of us knew that the dream was possible and reacheable. The DK1 and DK2 showed a leap of decades of progress in hardware technology. And that's when some of the best professionals in the industry came together and declared a commitment to this new industry.

2. Our passion and enthusiasm knew no bounds

Chronos VR was founded in the beginning of 2015. From the beginning we understood that VR hardware had advanced dramatically, and would continue to do so by the investment of the largest tech companies. But developing for Virtual Reality involves a new level of complexity. It is indeed a new paradigm where 3D worlds prevail and 2D skills and techniques should be discarded. VR and AR level the plane field because experince developing for PC and mobile aren't necessarily an advantage. Similarly, a mind for design and the lack of preconceived notions can make someone a great candidate for producing great content for this new medium - if the person is willing to learn to work with a 3D Physics engine such as Unreal Engine or Unity, and other 3D tools.

Understanding that lack of content would be an issue in VR/AR because creating content isn't exactly easy, and requires different skills and techniques - not to mention a new way of thinking - we established the Chronos Global Academy , which became the first organization to offer VR/AR training to the general public.

We offered our first course, the Unreal Engine for VR Course in August 2015. In 2016 we offered our first Augmented Reality course: the Microsoft HoloLens Dev1 and Dev2 courses.


Our Courses


We bring the lastest immersive technologies and experts into our classrooms and labs. We train and position our students to stay ahead of the industry and also to lead it.

To keep our courses inexpensive in order to reduce the cost of entry for anyone who wishes to get into the AR/VR/MR industry. To give students access to the latest hardware available from all companies that are developing new products for the immersive technologies. To work with the community to provide solutions to problems and training in AR/VR/MR that people want and expect, to tailor the courses to the needs of the community, and to give the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals the opportunity to share their knowledge with the world.


Intro to VR/ARIntro to VR/AR

This course consists of 4 sessions of 2.5 hours each. This is a basic course designed for you to discover wehther VR/AR development is for you, and getting familiar with Unity<./p>


360 Video: For Production360 Video: For Production

This crash course in 360° filmmaking teaches you everything you need to know to start shooting immersive content. From camera rigs to shooting to stitching, this course covers it all.


Developing for VR with UnityDeveloping for VR with Unity

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Microsoft HoloLens Dev1Microsoft HoloLens Dev1

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HoloLab 7–01, the first VR/AR lab to open in Downtown Seattle

February 20, 2018 marks an important milestone for the Chronos Global Academy and for the Seattle VR/AR Community as well. It’s the date of the inauguration of the Chronos HoloLab, the first VR/AR lab open to the public.


Which do you think will be the next computing platform, and what will it look like?
We can safely assume that “there will be the next thing” in computing. Humans always want more. We don’t just accept things as they are.




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Come to our Headsets and Cocktails event. Our event takes place at our headquarters in Seattle on the first Wednesday of every month. We have special guests, VR/AR demos, networking opportunities, presentations, etc.

If you wish to participate as a sponsor, please contact us and inquire about our events program.

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