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Ricardo Rowe-Parker

Imaginative Design

Imaginative Design is my small and talented design firm that specializes in building custom web sites. And this is my personal site.

What I do

I am the owner of Imaginative Design, a small and talented company. I design and build web sites for small and medium businesses. I help build and maintain a company's virtual image by offering tools and services that are essential in an age of social networking when just about everyone is connected to the web. I work with other artists that are a critical part of building an awesome product: graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and web developers. We build and incorporate high-quality art into our products that provide people with a rich and pleasant experience.

The typical profile of my clients

  • Are you the owner of a small or medium business and need your company's web site and image revamped?
  • Are you a professional or partner in a small firm that needs custom blog or training on how to effectively market your business through social networking?
  • Does your business need a new logo, business cards, or marketing materials?
  • Are you starting a new business and need help doing a marketing campaign that will quickly propel your business into full motion?
  • Are you someone who needs a powerful presence on the web and yet don't have the skills or time to do the necessary work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please contact Imaginative Design so we can discuss what products and services are appropriate that we can offer your business. We will put together a custom package and offer you a quote free of charge.

About me

I was born in Sao Paulo City, Brazil. I moved to the US in 1996 to work in the technology industry. Today I live in Seattle with my wonderful wife and daughter. I love technology, the web, and gadgets. When I am not busy working, I spend time watching movies, playing soccer or doing digital photography. I enjoy spending time with my family.

Imaginative Design

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Below are some examples of my work. Please, also check out my portfolio at Imaginative Design.